Cederroth has production facilities in Sweden, Denmark, Poland and Spain.

Cederroth’s largest production plant is located in Falun. A broad range of personal care and household products are manufactured in this multifaceted production plant, including well-known products such as Grumme, Bliw, Date, HTH, LdB, L300 and Family Fresh. Seltin is also packaged in Falun. The entire plant is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified, and complies with the new Good Manufacturing Standards for cosmetics, ISO 22716.   The plant also houses a development department and laboratory as well as a logistics centre with a central warehouse for goods distribution and export. The plant has a MPA-approved storage facility for the distribution of herbal and OTC medicine.

The Paramedical production plant is located in Lynge about 20km north of Copenhagen and is the centre of production and packaging for vitamins, minerals and dietary supplements for brands such as LongoVital, Valerina, Relana, Hemofer, Samarin and Multiplex/Vitaplex. The production plant is GMP classified and approved by the Danish Medical Products Agency. This plant also includes a development department with a laboratory. Paramedical also conducts contract manufacturing of pharmaceuticals for a long list of international customers.

The Cederroth Polska production plant in Poland is located in Radzymin about 20 km east of Warsaw. A long list of cosmetic products are produced and packaged here under the Soraya and Dermika brands. The plant fulfils the high flexibility standards required to manufacture primarily smaller cans, tubes and bottles and is ISO 9001 certified. The plant also includes a development department with a laboratory. The facility has a logistics centre in Warsaw, which primarily supplies the Polish market.

Acquired in 2008, our production plant Cederroth Distrex in Bigues 30 km north west of Barcelona is the latest addition to Cederroth’s group of production facilities. This modern facility primarily specializes in the production of wound care products. Here products are manufactured for brands such as the Salve-range, Dr San, and Dr Sos as well as an extensive range of products for customers all over Europe. The facility is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified for production of medtech products (Medical Device Class 1 to 3).