Research on Omega-3 fatty acidsResearch on Omega-3 fatty acids12/17/2013 3:36:00 PM


Research on omega-3 fatty acids remains intense – but has interest waned?
Possibly – but we intend to change that! A couple of hundred new studies on omega-3 fatty acids are published every month in the most prestigious medical journals in the western world. Our target group is journalists and other interested parties.

Our aim is to highlight omega3 even more!
We’ll be writing about prenatal and child development, about pregnancy, about ADHD, about the prostrate as well as our hearts and blood vessels. In other words, our focus will be on everything that a healthy intake of omega-3 fatty acids has an impact on.

We hope our findings will:
- Make it easier for you as a journalist to learn more about omega-3 through interesting, instructive and easily accessible texts, helping you to reach all those interested.

Finally, we hope you like our idea, sign up and read what we write,

Per Hartman
Adviser Medical Marketing
Cederroth AB