Allevo launches Allevo meals!Allevo launches Allevo meals!4/15/2014 2:55:00 PM

Express demand from Swedish consumers:Tasty, proper food, which is low in calories and that you can really bite into.

Allévo has met these demands, bringing in the Swedish-Italian chef Alexandra Zazzi

To get a good understanding of what consumers of weight loss products are looking for, Allévo carried out a comprehensive survey in 2012. A total of 1,000 users of weight loss products between the age of 20-60 (80% women), answered questions aimed at mapping out their needs and finding out what was missing from the offering.

“We came across common responses that resulted in three key product features. The target group missed food that you could really bite into and chew. They also wanted meals that are quick and easy to prepare and low in calories,” explains Alexandra Norman, Nordic Brand manager for Allévo at Cederroth.

Allévo began working on developing hearty meal replacements based on the above criteria that contain only 250 calories per serving while still being highly satiating. The result was portion-controlled packaged meals that are quick and easy to prepare as you only need to add water and heat up in the microwave or on the stove top.

Most of the ingredients in the dishes are air-dried or freeze-dried, with taste being a top priority during product development – losing weight should taste good. That’s why Allévo brought in the chef and food writer Alexandra Zazzi, who took part in developing in the dishes.

“My starting point was tastes from Italy, favourites of mine and many others. Taking part in the development of weight-loss products has been fun, products that meet the demands of being tasty and that allow the user to participate at mealtime,” says Alexandra Zazzi.

Alexandra Zazzi, with roots in the Italian food culture, was part of developing three dishes:

Stufato con prosciutto: Stew of smoked ham, kidney beans & lentils
Casseruola di pollo: Stew of chicken, rice & green beans
Ratatouille con mozzarella: Italian vegetables with mozzarella & sundried tomatoes

All the dishes are meal replacements and can be used to replace one or more meals during the day. The meals are made ​​in Sweden, with carbohydrates sourced mainly from legumes (lentils and beans) and vegetables. A uniform energy distribution between carbohydrates, protein and fat was one of the goals of the development cycle.

Product images, etc., are available at Select Bildbanken and Hälsa/Häslokost followed by the brand Allévo.

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