New L300 for menNew L300 for men9/29/2014 3:25:00 PM

Prepare your skin for winter with new L300 for Men

New L300 for men welcomes winter with new product ingredients in a new attractive packaging, focused on quality and effect. L300 for Men is proven effective skin care for the face and body. Sold exclusively at pharmacies.

Winter is upon us, and with temperatures cooling down outside people spend more time inside where the air is often dry. This dryness and change in temperature frequently leaves your skin feeling unattractive and dull. The key is to rehydrate well before the real cold weather sets in, saving your skin from a chock. Nya L300 for Men welcomes winter with new product ingredients in an attractive new packaging, with a focus on quality and effect.

The new L300 for Men is designed specifically for men, with all L300 products containing active moisturizers. By working with ingredients already found in the skin, such as lactic acid, carbamide, salt and betaine, L300 products are developed to boost the skin’s natural processes. The outcome is an innovative, safe product line with a documented effect that works in harmony with men’s skin. Free of parabens and mineral oils.

New L300 for Men with improved formula

Daily Face Cream – A fresh hydrating day cream that is quickly absorbed and balances slightly oilier skin. Soothing and effective with a smart airless pump. New to the series. Free of mineral oils.

After Shave Balm – L300 After Shave Balm has a soft, new moisturizing formula. This soothing balm contracts the skin, leaving it soft and smooth after shaving. Also suitable for sensitive skin. Free of mineral oils. Unscented.

Antiperspirant Deodorant – New formula that dries quickly delivering long-lasting protection against perspiration and odour for up to 48 hours.

Refreshing Shower & Shampoo – A moisturizing body wash and shampoo for that fresh, clean feeling. New Shower & Shampoo is now even gentler, with a richer lather in more convenient packaging. Free of mineral oils.

Daily Face Wash – An effective gel wash that cleanses and moisturizes deep down. Contains the same effective formula as before. Free of mineral oils.

Moisturising Shaving Gel – Protective and moisturizing shaving gel with gentle lubricants for the ultimate up close and comfortable shave. Contains the same effective formula as before. Unscented.

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