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Salty liquorice – when our users get to choose

When our Allévo users get to choose, the result was a bar with one of Sweden’s most popular tastes: salty liquorice! The new bar, Salty Liquorice, is moreover a High Protein bar, containing 27 percent protein. And it naturally provides a full meal replacement – just like our other bars.

“Via our Facebook group, we asked which flavour our users would like their next Allévo bar to be. The question was met with great enthusiasm and ideas flowed into the comments field. The taste that finally topped our list was salty liquorice,” said Alexandra Norman, Allévo Product Manager. “Involving our users in this way is great fun and we hope that they will be happy with the result.”

 This enriched bar contains around 30 percent of daily mineral and vitamin requirements. A full meal replacement*) with 213 kcal per bar, it gives consumers full control of their caloric intake. Rich in dietary fibre and with a high protein content, the bar contributes to a pleasant feeling of satiety.

“There are a lot of high-protein content bars on the market, i on the sports shelves, but the advantage of ours is that you also get vitamins and minerals,” explains Alexandra Norman. “The bar is therefore suitable for a lighter lunch or a snack, both for active people in conjunction with a training session or for people who want to control their intake of calories.”

Salty liquorice is popular in the Nordic region. It is rich in antioxidants that counteract free radicals and oxidative stress, it also contains vitamin B.

The new salty liquorice bar is the latest flavour to be added to the range. In total, Allévo now offers ten different bars. Allévo High Protein Salty Liquorice will be on sale in stores from the end of September.

*) Allévo Weight Control Bars are complete meal replacements. Meal replacement products must contain at least 200 kcal per portion and meet nutritional requirements in terms of requisite amounts of vitamins and minerals (at least 30% of the NFA’s stated reference values for vitamins and minerals).

For more information please contact: Alexandra Norman, Nordic Brand Manager, Cederroth E-mail: Web: or Tel: +46 (0)8 590 964 36.

 Fast facts: High Protein Salty Liquorice bar: Weight: 57 g. Kcal: 213.
Recommended retail price: SEK 17-21 kronor. Will be on sale at ICA, Apoteket AB, Hjärtat, Lloyds, Kronans, Apoteksgruppen, and health food stores

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