Allévo weight profilesAllévo weight profiles5/12/2015 4:31:00 PM

Weight profiles to provide better support during weight loss

Allévo is now launching weight profiles as a new, integrated part of its digital weight loss tool. This is another step in further strengthening the successful holistic weight loss concept: the Allévo method, in an effort to offer the best possible support for weight loss and weight control.

Allévo’s new weight profiles will reinforce the foundation of the Allévo method: helping people to change their behaviour and improve their eating and exercise habits. This will ultimately lead both to weight loss and, more importantly, help people to retain their ideal weight. “In order to provide even more personalized support, we have developed weight profiles with which we will be able to guide the consumer even better through the Allévo method, based on the person’s specific circumstances and stage of life,” said Alexandra Norman, Product Manager for Allévo. “The weight profiles will also enable us to provide more customized advice given the various challenges faced by the consumer.”

Today, there are six different profiles, four women and two men, all of which are overweight (BMI over 25). The profiles were developed by Viveca Annell, a registered dietician with extensive experience in weight loss counselling. For each profile, Viveca has also developed customized dietary recommendations. And to help people exercise more, Fredrik Arrhenius has put together exercise recommendations and an exercise programme for each profile. The idea is that all exercise programmes can be done in the home. Fredrik is a personal trainer with extensive experience in working with weight-challenged people at the obesity centre at Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm.

Digital weight and exercise diary since 2007

To best support a change in eating and exercise patterns, we have provided access to a digital weight and exercise diary via Allévo’s website, since the Allévo method was introduced in 2007. Today, it is also available as a mobile app. The fact that web-based weight loss programmes work has been confirmed by a recent study conducted by Halmstad University in Sweden. According to the study, web-based weight loss programmes may provide a solution to obesity in today’s society, where the resources to remedy the growing problem are lacking.

“Our aim is to make the Allévo method and the new profiles as accessible as possible. The service is free of charge, with no strings attached,” Alexandra explained.

About the Allévo method

The Allévo method is based on a scientific study that clearly demonstrates how weight loss is greater and more lasting when a dietary regime of VLCD products (Very Low Calorie Diet) is combined with a change in eating habits and daily exercise, in other words a change in behaviour.**

Easy to get started

Getting started is easy. All you have to do is complete a simple profile text and answer a couple of questions via Allévo’s website. Then you will be allocated a weight profile, along with a short presentation of the profile. This free membership entitles you to start using Allévo’s weight profiles and the Allévo method.

For more information please contact: Alexandra Norman, Nordic Brand Manager, Cederroth. E-mail: . Web: Telephone: +46 (0)8 590 964 36.

* Source: “The Change in Eating Behaviours in a Web-Based Weight Loss Program: A Longitudinal Analysis of Study Completers,”

** Source: International Journal of Obesity, J. Miura al.1989