When self-care is the best care

Are you in the prime of life and neither have the time nor the desire to let minor everyday complaints stop you from doing what you want? Pharbio offers a broad range of self-care products so that you yourself can prevent ill-health or treat temporary sleeping disorders and bladder problems.

About Pharbio

Most of Pharbio’s products are manufactured at the Paramedical factory in Lynge outside Copenhagen according to Good Manufacturing Practice.

Natural medicines are medicines in which the active ingredients are sourced from nature. They may consist of a plant or animal product, a bacteria culture, minerals, salts or a salt solution, and should be as unprocessed as possible. Natural medicines are intended for self-care.

Product range

Pharbio offers several of today’s leading herbal medicine and natural remedies, such as Valerina Forte (sleep) and Curbisal (prostate enlargement/urinary tract disorders). Pharbio also offers several leading dietary supplements for example Omega-3 Forte (highly concentrated fish oil) and Hemofer (iron). Our products are available in pharmacies and health stores.

You can find tips and advice on how to cure everyday complaints at and  Good luck!

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