SamarinSamarinFor upset stomachs


Samarin was  launched back in 1923 and since then has been one of Cederroth’s most important brands.

It all started at the Cederroth Technical Factory Shop in Stockholm, which was sort of a healthcare pharmacy with an assortment of no less than 143 products, including fruit salts. In 1923, Christian Cederroth developed his own fruit salt and launched it as Samarin. It was an instant success. With his uncanny skill for marketing and advertising, Christian Cederroth managed to infiltrate Samarin in the minds of the consumer and the product’s success was so great that he decide to invest everything in fruit salts, downsizing his business from 143 products in 448 different packaging to one product in one package.

Samarin today

Today, Samarin is Sweden’s most well-known antacid – 9 out of 10 Swedes are familiar with Samarin. This market leading consumer product is synonymous with a quick fix for an upset stomach. Development of the product continues in order to simplify, improve and spread Samarin to more users.

Samarin is available in several types of packaging and flavours to meet everyone’s needs, such as individual sachets of Samarin Original or Peach/Lemon, effervescent tablets (perfect for people on the run) and chewable mint-flavoured tablets. Samarin has been an approved natural medicine since 1995.

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