AllévoAllévoThe Allévo method – for people who want to lose weight. And keep it off.

The Allévo method offers a combination of effective weight loss products and an online weight coach. As an Allévo member you receive an individual weight loss program including advice on health, dietary requirements and exercise from our doctors, dieticians and behavioural therapists. The Kick-start stage, in which all meals are replaced by Allévo soups or shakes, results in fast weight loss, an important motivator for getting started on long-term weight change. The Kick-start phase also enables you to break unhealthy eating patterns, giving you a good opportunity to change your eating habits for the better.

During the Weight-loss stage, meals consist primarily of regular food, complemented with Allévo products that help you avoid snacking and skipping meals.

When you have reached your ideal weight, then it’s time to move on to the Balance stage, during which you receive continued support from an Allévo weight coach and Allévo products to enable you to maintain your ideal weight.

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