SeltinSeltinSeltin – a healthier salt

In Sweden we consume about 12 grams of salt a day. More than half comes from prepared and processed foods. It is difficult to know exactly how much salt we consume every day because the level of salt in these foods not specified on the packaging. However, you yourself can always regulate how much additional salt you take in on a daily basis.

Our bodies need salt (sodium chloride) to maintain the optimal electrolyte balance our bodies require to perform variety of essential functions. But from the body’s point of view, 10% (1g) of our current salt intake would suffice! The rest is superfluous and several studies show that too much salt may increase the risk of high blood pressure (hypertension), a risk factor for heart and cardiovascular disease.

Too much ordinary salt, (sodium chloride) is bad for your health, among other things it contributes to high blood pressure. Seltin is a mineral salt, containing half as much sodium chloride as ordinary salt. The remainder is replaced with the health-promoting minerals potassium and magnesium, making Seltin healthier for the body.

Seltin contains 50% sodium chloride, 40% potassium chloride, 10% magnesium salts and iodine. Seltin is perfect for cooking and seasoning, however the low sodium content makes it unsuitable for raw pickling or curing.