Vitaplex/MultiplexVitaplex/MultiplexMakes you feel more alert


Multiplex is the original name of a multivitamin and mineral preparation that was available only at the Swedish national pharmacy chain Apoteket. In 1999, Multiplex Vitamins & Minerals were re-launched introducing a new range of products, many of which were specially adapted for women and the elderly.

Multiplex and Vitaplex today

Today, Multiplex is a well-known brand in Sweden, representing high quality and affordable dietary supplements. In Finland and Norway, Multiplex is sold under the Vitaplex brand.
The Vitaplex line was launched in Finland in 2005 and today is sold in grocery stores in Finland. The range includes vitamin c and multivitamins.

Our dietary supplements cover your daily requirements of vitamins, minerals and omega 3. All of our products are easy to understand and simple to use, making you feel more vitalized today and healthier tomorrow.

Multiplex/Vitaplex consumers are people who live their lives to the fullest, with the security of knowing that they are getting the all the necessary nutrients they need, whether or not they spend the day on the sofa or are active runners.

Multiplex and Vitaplex make you more alert.