Cleaning with a clean conscience

In the household product category Cederroth has its own research and development department that develops new products and continuously works to improve and develop the company’s existing range of products.

Development work takes into consideration both the product itself and its effect on the environment. In the cleaning product category we offer a broad range of products found in most households. The Grumme line of products contains everything from all purpose cleaners and other household cleaning products to washing detergents and washing-up liquid.

Our steelwool products are represented under the PataPata, Svinto and Renslet brands. For the toilet we offer WC-Kukka with a broad range of freshly scented WC rim blocks and toilet disinfectant detergents. We also offer the decalcifying product Renslet. For indoor and outdoor plants we offer the plant food range Blomstra, which was developed through research with the University of Agricultural Science.

Our mosquito repellent range includes everything from mosquito spirals, roll-ons and wipes under the brand name US 622 and Djungelolja.