Back in 1882, Ferdinand Grumme started the soap-boiling factory Grumme & Sons south of Stockholm. At that time, the factory produced soap for households around Sweden. At the beginning of the 1990s, Grumme expanded its offering to include washing detergent with the launch of the eco-friendly Grumme liquid laundry detergent. In conjunction with the launch, Grumme aired what became a well-known advertisement featuring ‘Grumme Island’.

Grumme today

Through the years, Grumme Island has been an inspiring symbol for Grumme’s ongoing environmental work in the household products sector. The environment is our guiding star when developing products for the future. Today, the Grumme range of products offers a whole line of eco-friendly concentrated washing-up liquids.

The entire Grumme range is eco-labelled and naturally free from dangerous substances such as phosphates, EDTA, LAS and optical whitening. Our scents are based on the most allergy-friendly and eco-friendly fragrances available on the market and we now also offer an assortment that is recommended by the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association. Approximately 85% of Grumme’s production is carried out at our own production plant in Falun, Sweden, meaning shorter transportation distances and therefore a healthier environment.

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