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Personal care products for the whole body

Cederroth produces, markets and sells a broad range of personal care products primarily in the Nordic region and Poland.

Most of the brands in the personal care category are produced in the heart of Sweden at Cederroth’s largest factory on the banks of Lake Runn in Falun, Sweden.

Cederroth’s personal care products are found in the following categories:

  • BODY - soaps, shower gels and creams, cleansing wipes, deodorants and eau-de-toilette.
    The body care sector contains a number of well-known brands such as Family Fresh, LdB, Bliw, Savett, Bats, Asan (in Norway) and Sana (in Sweden).
  • SKIN - creams, lotions, skin-oil, lip balms and cotton products.
    We offer high quality brands such as HTH and LdB for the whole body and the facial skin care series L300 for the swedish pharmacies. Within the skin care category includes also Bio-Oil, Idomin and the lip balm Blistex. Soraya and Dermika are the brands sold in the Polish market.
  • HAIR - shampoo and conditioner.
    The main product in the hair care category is VO5, which is available in many countries. In Finland the hair care brand Erittäin Hieno Suomalainen (EHS) shampoo and conditioner is also available.