Asan intimate wash in NorwayAsan intimate wash in NorwayLeader in intimate hygiene in Norway


Asan daily intimate hygiene soap was launched on the Norwegian market in the 1980s and was acquired by Cederroth International in 1998. Since then we have developed the intimate hygiene category in Norway from a single soap variety to several different varieties. 

Asan is specially adapted for intimate hygiene and sensitive skin. Its low pH value and mild ingredients including lactic acid help Asan to maintain the skin’s natural protection and prevent intimate hygiene related problems and unwanted odours. 

Asan is the market leader in Norway today

Asan is the most successful brand in the intimate hygiene category in Norway today. As industry leader, we are expected to be innovative and develop exciting new products. Today, our intimate hygiene series consists of intimate hygiene soaps in various sizes and intimate cleansing wipes in different types of packaging. The line also includes an intimate hygiene soap developed specially for men, Asan Trippel dusj.

Asan is available in almost all grocery stores in the Norwegian market.

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