SavettSavettInstant freshness


Launched in 1962 after an American original, Savett has become synonymous during the years with the term cleansing wipe and almost all Scandinavian’s are familiar with the brand.

Savett today

Our modern lifestyle today has created a new level of accessibility requirements. We travel more than ever and like to bring our children. A lot of time is spent in cars and boats and we spend a lot of time at events and other activities. It’s convenient to be able to eat and drink something whenever and wherever you are. At the same time, we have become more informed and discriminating about freshness. It’s more important than ever to feel clean and fresh in all situations.

Savett was relaunched in spring 2012. The assortment expanded at the same time with Savett pH Sensitive, astma and allergy marked for extra sensitive skin.

Practical problem solver

Savett is the perfect solution when you are in need of an instant fresh up. It’s easy and practical to keep Savetts in your handbag, car, boat or picnic basket – taking them with you to the beach, etc. Savett’s mild formula means it can be used by all the family and the broad product range ensures there’s a Savett for every occasion.

Savett cleansing wipes stand out from other wipes from many reasons: great design, attractive scents and mild formula to mention a few. All Savett cleansing wipes are made in a soft material that is kind and gentle to the skin. Another important detail is that nearly all Savett wipe varieties come in practical disposable sachets. Keep a few of them in your handbag or include them on the table when throwing a party. Extremely practical and greatly appreciated!

If you’ve got small children or use a lot of wipes when you work a lot on your car or boat, you’ll be glad to know that Savetts are also available in larger re-sealable packs.