HTH – the answer to dry skinHTH – the answer to dry skinHTH – a skin cream for dry skin


HTH was developed in collaboration with the pharmaceutical company Pharmacia and Professor Gunnar Swanbeck, one of Sweden’s leading dermatologists. Back the mid-1960s, Swanbeck discovered that dry skin is caused by a lack of hydrating agents, and demonstrated that a combination of two such substances, urea and lactic acid, was very beneficial for dry skin. This discovery resulted in several products, with HTH launching its first body lotion in 1970.

The skin’s natural moisturizers

Urea is found in the outer layers of the skin (stratum corneum) and belongs to a group of substances called Natural Moisturising Factors (NMFs). Lactic acid also belongs to this group, with a positive effect on skin elasticity and cell renewal. Betaine is naturally-occurring in the skin too. Extracted from sugar beets, it works to bind moisture and improve skin elasticity. Betaine’s skin strengthening properties help make skin more resistant to irritants. Use HTH to nourish your skin with naturally-occurring skin components, helping your skin to maintain a good moisture balance, while staying smooth, supple and resilient.

HTH products

HTH Original

HTH Original is a range of skincare products for dry to very dry skin. All products in the range contain the moisture binding substances urea, lactic acid and betaine, which are natural components of the skin. This combination of active ingredients effectively moisturizes the skin, providing a proven improvement in moisture balance and helping the skin to stay smooth and supple.

HTH Original body lotion is a best-selling classic, with scientifically proven results. Providing quick and long-term improvement in the skin’s moisture balance, it helps the skin maintain its natural barrier function. Gently soothing, it is suitable for the whole body. HTH Original body lotion comes both in a scented and unscented variety (unscented available at pharmacies only.) Contains no preservatives or colourants. 200ml

HTH Original universal cream is a soothing and intensely moisture-rich skin cream, specially developed for very dry skin and exposed areas, such as hands, elbows and the face. HTH Original universal cream is quickly absorbed by the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. The product is fragrance-free and contains no preservatives or colourants. 100 ml

HTH Nourishing

HTH Nourishing is a range of skincare products for dry skin, and just like HTH Original it contains the moisture binding substances; urea, lactic acid and betaine. To provide your skin with a little extra TLC, HTH Nourishing also contains nurturing vitamins and other active ingredients such as softening oils and extracts. Easy to apply and quickly absorbed, HTH Nourishing lotions all have delicate allergen-free fragrances and contain no preservatives or parabens.

The HTH Nourishing range consists of four products, each with specific properties:
HTH Vitamin C & Apricot Body Lotion – Moisturizes and strengthens
Revitalizing vitamin C and softening apricot kernel oil strengthen the skin giving it a healthy glow and radiance. 200ml

HTH Vitamin B5 & White Tea Body Lotion – Calms and nourishes
Calming pro-vitamin B5 and a moisturizing white tea extract nourishes the skin and restores suppleness. 200ml

HTH Vitamin E & Omega 3/6 Body Lotion – Nurtures and protects
Antioxidant vitamin E and nurturing vegetable oils rich in Omega 3 & 6 protect and nourish your skin giving it new luminosity. 200ml

HTH Vitamin B5 & Evening Primrose Body Lotion – intensely moisturizing
Naturally nurturing evening primrose oil and vitamin B5 protect and calm sensitive skin, while effectively replenishing moisture and helping to restore suppleness. (This product is only available at pharmacies.) 200ml



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