L300L300Swedish skin care based on the skin’s own ingredients


L300 was launched in 1980 and is named after a Swedish drug development project called “Läkemedelsprojekt 300”. In this project, professor and dermatologist Gunnar Swanbeck in collaboration with the pharmaceutical company Pharmacia proved in clinical trials that it’s possible to give the skin new life, elasticity and radiance by restoring the skin’s natural moisturising ingredients, which decline over the years.

L300 - based on the skin’s own ingredients

L300 is a Swedish skin care line based on a unique combination of ingredients that are found naturally in the skin. Ingredients such as ceramides, hyaluron acid and other natural moisturizing factors.

L300 – for women and men of all ages

You can find L300 at Apoteket and since autumn 2007 the L300 range of products consists of three varieties for women’s different skin types, each especially colour coded: blue for normal skin, pink for dry skin and red for aging skin. L300’s bronzer and self-tanning products suit all skin types. All L300 products are unscented.
For men, there is a special line of L300 skin care products from top to toe.

L300 is a Swedish skin care line based on the skin’s own ingredients.

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