SorayaSorayaPioneer in the Polish market


Soraya has marketed and sold skin care products in the Polish market since 1985. Soraya’s modern production methods and innovative solutions have made it one of Poland’s leading skin care brands.

Soraya – for skin of all ages

On a daily basis we are exposed to many skin-damaging factors; sun, cold, wind, dry in-house climate, and stress are just a few of them. The Soraya skin care line was created to help the skin to withstand these attacks and repair itself. Soraya offers a range of high quality products that are on par with international brands. There is a series for every skin type and life-stage, and prices that suit all budgets.


Soraya offers products for all skin types and needs and has been a pioneering brand in many categories in the Polish market over the years.

The latest of the Soraya brand innovations are within the Cosmeceutical segment – a combination of skin care products that nurture the skin from the outside and vitamin capsules that nurture the skin from the inside. Together, they provide a unique combination giving the skin the best support it can get.
Brand mission statement:

"The best need not always be the most expensive"