SalvequickSalvequickA Swedish classic that innovatively meets everyday needs

For some fifty years, Salvequick has been the market leader and virtually a generic name for plasters in many countries, especially in Europe. In southern Europe our plasters are mainly sold under the brand name Salvelox. In Spain and Portugal we also have a foot care range, Salveped. And in Swedish pharmacies you find SalvequickMed on the shelves.

We continuously innovate both materials and packaging. All with the aim of making it quick and easy to remove a plaster from its packaging to protection of an injury, and then help the healing process be as smooth and effective as possible!

Our classic plaster is available in a range of designs from our popular children’s plasters to advanced special plasters such as our Foot Care range. New products are being launched all the time.

Worldwide, we sell around 20 million packs of plasters a year and we are continuously developing better and easier wound care products.

Salvequick/Salvlelox/Salvemed is manufactured in our own facilities according to ISO 13485.